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Evolutionary Patterns on Human Design Issues

Evolutionary Patterns on Human Design Issues
An analysis on Urbanism, Architecture and Interior Design
Once we traced connections and found similarities among the evolutionary
processes, it will be proposed a first testing for the theory in Design. This
parallel research allows us to identify connections between evolutionary
issues and real conflicts in design and furthermore, suggested the formulation
of a hierarchical scheme of relationships among elements and between
elements and the environment.
The main reference chosen is an unique work on design method, an overall
guide on urbanism, architecture and interior design. It starts with the premise
that all human design conflicts can be grouped, categorized and resolved
following a pattern, or rather, 253 patterns.
Although the work was never massively accepted by architecture
professionals and academics due to its pretentious proposal of solving all
design conflicts in a single book, the book is the result of an extensive research
and above all, it’s the only work that minimally intended to deal with design
evolution in a more pragmatic abstract way.
A pattern language along with its complementary works (“The timeless Way
of Building” and “The Oregon Experiment”) which were, according to the
author divided in cover but indivisible as study, an attempt to understand the
conflicts and solutions of human evolution and occupation as a mathematical

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