Entro il limite di altezza di quattro piani, esattamente quanto alti dovrebbero essere i tuoi edifici?


Per prima cosa, decidi di quanti piediPiede 0,3048 m (304,8 mm) quadrati di spazio costruito hai bisogno e dividi per l’area del sito per ottenere il rapporto della superficie calpestabile. Quindi scegli l’altezza dei tuoi edifici in base al rapporto della superficie e l’altezza degli edifici circostanti dalla tabella seguente. In nessun caso costruire oltre il 50% del terreno.

  • N.B. Consulta sempre il testo originale per la completa comprensione del pattern.

    Rule 1: Set a four-story height limit on the site. This rule comes directly from FOUR-STORY LIMIT (21) and the reasons for establishing this limit are
    described there.

    Rule 2: For any given site, do not let the ground area covered by buildings exceed 50 per cent of the site.This rule requires that for any given site, where it belongs to a single household or a corporation, or whether it is a part of a larger site which contains several buildings, at least half of the site is left as open space. This is the limit of ground coverage within which reasonable site planning can take place. The rule therefore determines the maximum floor area that can be built with any given number of stories on a given site. The
    ratio of indoor area to site area (FAR – for floor area ratio) cannot thus exceed 0.5 in a single story building, 1.0 in a two story, 1.5 in a three story and 2.0 in a four story building. If the total floor area you intend to build plus the built floor area that exists on the site is more than twice the area of the site itself, then you are exceeding this limit. In this case, we advise that you cut back your program; build less space; perhaps build some of your project on another site.

    Rule 3: Do not let the height of your building(s) vary too much from the predominant height of surrounding buildings. A rule of thumbPollice 0,0254 m (25.4 mm): do not let your buildings deviate more than one story from surrounding buildings. On the whole, adjacent buildings should be roughly the same height.

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